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Ameriplan Leads

The objective
The need arises to create a reference brand image in the sector, to be able to support the strategy of improving the number of commercial contacts through the Internet.

The solution
The development of a strategy based on the generation of high quality and value content is proposed. A corporate blog was developed and content is created that is disseminated through, above all, Twitter and Linkedin.

The results
> Increase of 519% visits to the website
> General improvement in the image of the company as a specialist
> Improvement of the quality of the contacts made



The SEO theme we have already raised several times in our blog, see, for example ” New algorithm: Google Hummingbird How will it affect SEO ?” Or ” Local SEO guide: how to attract customers to your physical establishment “. Something that seems very simple but that is not so much for those people who are not very Dental Leads used to writing and, even less, write with certain guidelines.

In this article, we rely on how to write the article but also on how to introduce it in the WordPress platform, the most common and common to perform this function. In addition to being the easiest and most intuitive. Before starting, we recommend that if you use WordPress you install the WordPress SEO plug-in , from the creator YOAST. A truly useful tool that will help you with your blog articles.

Dental Leads

Next, we will go detailing point by point how to write a blog article to favor SEO . We start

1. Thematic and a keyword search

Before we start writing an article in our blog (or in a client’s blog) we must determine what the keywords or “keywords” of the publication will be, thinking about how users use them to find information in search engines, such as the almighty Google.

The density of keywords in an article is very important. Specifically between 1% and 3%. The WordPress plug-in lets you know this density but …

How do I know how many words to enter?

To explain the concept of keyword density we leave you an example so that it can be understood much better and, for those who use a platform other than WordPress will also be useful. Let’s say we have a page of about 250 words. If after about every 30 words we mention the selected keyword, we will have 8 occurrences of the phrase and a keyword density of 3%.

Result? Google will think that there is a good chance that this page deals with this topic on the website.

2. Title, structure and optimized writing for search engines

The title has to invite reading and should be similar to the search that a user would do in the search engines . And, if possible, it is even advisable to use a subtitle .

Next, you have to write the body of the publication , adding value to the chosen topic and transmitting useful information to the user; introducing in a … NATURAL! the chosen keywords . The extension of the entry depends on many factors but it is recommended that the article have more than 300 words to develop relevant content. It is also highly recommended to use the bold type in both the key words and in those most important points.

3. Optimize the images of the entrance

Before adding an image , it is necessary to include a keyword again referring to the content of the image, both in the title and “text alt” or alternative text .



The WhatsApp instant messaging application takes the last step to equalize the services of other similar services such as Facebook Messenger or Duo (from Google). WhatsApp launches video calls so we can talk while we see  our Democratic Donor Email Lists.  Undoubtedly, one more level of connection with our environment.

WhatsApp will be launching the update progressively in several days. All you have to do is enter Google Play or the Apple Store and check  if you have the application updated. And, in the case that you have it updated but the video calls do not appear, wait a few hours and try again.

This change, which will be implemented in the coming days around the world, is available for Android as well as for iOs and Windows Phone . The American company wants to make this service effective for all its users in the 180 countries where it is present as soon as possible.

Democratic Donor Email Lists

In the official statement of the company, WhatsApp shows a video on how to make video calls. For Android, you must follow the following steps:

Enter a particular conversation (not in groups).
Touch the phone logo for calls.
Select the ” Video call ” option .
For iPhone users, on the conversation screen with another user, they can click directly on a logo of a camera to start the video call.

One of the features that most appeal to the video call is the pause mode . When we are in a video call and we want to leave WhatsApp, we can pause the call, without cutting it, to do other things with the phone. Your correspondent will appear with the frozen image with the text “paused video”.

You have to be patient and think that this is version 1.0 of the video calls, so we can not expect a very high quality service. In fact, the graphic quality of the camera is quite limited and the audio is accompanied by background noise. But using headphones greatly improves the experience.

Another big problem is the high data consumption . Right now, a video call consumes 33MB / minute, a figure that far surpasses the video call services of the competition as we see in this table elaborated by Xakata.

What is programmatic advertising and how does it work?

What is programmatic advertising and how does it work?

Internet has changed everything. The world of communication is possibly one of the most changes has seen and advertising in particular has seen an unimaginable jump a few years ago, when the only way that brands had to reach their potential customers was to find publications whose target audience was it seemed  buy Investors email lists more or less to his, and then buy a space there. Today everything has changed, that’s why we want to talk about programmatic advertising.

It is true that during the early years of the Internet the ad buying system remained very similar to that of a lifetime, with the purchase of banners or other ads on websites whose audience interested the advertiser, usually reaching an agreement by the CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

However, the technological evolution, the appearance of real time bidding (bid in real time) and especially the big data have resulted in a radical change.


Principles of programmatic advertising

In a previous post we have already talked a bit about programmatic advertising , but today we want to tell you more about the process. Fundamentally, it is the automated purchase of advertising impressions. That is, instead of buying a package of impressions in a medium, the impression is purchased individually. Three basic actors are involved in this process:

  • The advertisers: the brands that want to be known and the agencies that support them, adapting their advertisement to the appropriate supports.
  • The editors: they are the ones who put both the technological means and the spaces so that the message reaches the user.
  • The users: obviously, if there are no visits and there is nobody to see the advertisement, that is, none of this would make sense.


What is the process?

Every time you access a web page you are setting up a mechanism that lasts only a few milliseconds and that may seem incredible. It is a process that would be impossible without the big data and the large amount of data that companies have accumulated from users.

The process is the following:

  • Pick (choice): The advertiser establishes the criteria under which he wants his ads to be displayed and enters them into an advertising platform.
  • Match (match) : the platform searches the networks and buys the indicators that match the advertiser. Websites sell their data to platforms, so it’s relatively easy to get.
  • Trigger (trigger): a user enters the web page. At this moment the following happens:
    • The cookies are made with the necessary data and the user profile is established.
    • An automatic bid begins among advertisers for whom that profile is interesting.
    • The editor chooses the one that interests him most.
    • The ad is displayed on the website.
  • Tracking: Once the ad is shown, it analyzes how the user has reacted and real-time monitoring of the results of the campaign.

This process is repeated thousands and thousands of times, in just nanoseconds, every time a web page is opened.


Platforms that make possible programmatic purchase

The programmatic purchase would not be possible without these participants:

  • Platforms DSP (Demand Side Platform) : it is the platform in which the advertisers establish their parameters and the one in charge of making the bids as well as measuring the obtained results.
  • Platforms SSP ( Sell ​​Side Platform) : this is where media and publishers introduce the offer of available spaces. It is an automated business management tool for websites to manage their ads.
  • DMP platforms (Data Management Platform): they seek to perform a centralized management of data, allowing advertisers to only indicate the audience that interests them. Normally they work with own data of the advertiser (1st party data), or contributed by external sources (3rd party data), but it can also be given that they work with data from a specific medium provided by the advertiser (2nd party data).
  • Platforms AD Exchange: they are those who put in contact the advertisers with those who offer their spaces.
  • Trading Desk platforms: they are in charge of managing in an automated way the purchase of advertising from media agencies.


Hopefully this entry has served to know what is the programmatic sale and how you can be useful.

What should be the size of Google ads?

What should be the size of Google ads?

Far is the time when Google was a simple search engine much more efficient than its competitors, which it swept the map. Now it is one of the largest corporations on the planet, and it Buy Founder email lists has not done so by helping you look for videos of kittens (which if you have not noticed, do not charge for it). It has achieved this by becoming the largest advertising platform on the planet and a fundamental pillar of any digital marketing strategy . That’s why today we are going to solve one of the doubts that you consult us the most: the size of Google ads.

To be clear, when we talk about Google ads we do not refer to the outstanding results that return our searches (that’s what is called SEM , Search Engine Marketing ), we refer to another equally powerful tool: the display network , a set of millions of web pages and applications that can show Google ads (or rather, managed by Google). It is a network that according to Mountain View can reach 90% of Internet users, and although that figure is difficult to verify one thing is clear: its scope is absurdly huge .

The size of Google ads: more effective formats

The display network accepts a wide variety of formats, but according to Google itself, these are the most effective:

  • 300 x 250: the “medium rectangle”, accepts text or image format, and is perfectly compatible with mobile devices. It is especially effective at the end of articles or inserted between the text content.
  • 336 x 280: the large rectangle has characteristics very similar to its medium brother, but, yes, keep in mind that they will not be displayed on mobile phones.
  • 728 x 90: the most classic “banner” format. Ideal to insert it in headers of the pages, above the content or in forums. Nor will it be shown in mobile versions.
  • 320 x 100: for mobile devices banners it is recommended to resort to this format. It has twice the height of the previous one, which facilitates its visualization in telephones.
  • 300 x 600: The largest format and, according to Google, one of the most effective since they promote interactivity with the user and its great visual impact. It is usually placed on the sides of the pages


Other Google ad formats

  • 320 x 50: another mobile banner format, although considerably smaller
  • 468 x 60: this banner is designed for desktop formats, but there is not much availability for this format, which limits the scope and efficiency.
  • 234 x 60: this banner adds two problems, reduced size and lack of space for its format.
  • 120 x 600: designed for narrow spaces, it also suffers from the limited availability of spaces.
  • 160 x 600: a narrow vertical format designed for the sides of web pages.
  • 120 x 240: a vertical banner that again suffers from low availability.
  • 300 x 1050: A great vertical block perfect for the side of the web and very interesting for the possibilities it offers, but there is a high demand and little availability of this type of space.
  • 970 x 90: a format that when interacting with it is extended to 970 x 415 pushing all the content down. It can be somewhat intrusive.
  • 970 x 250: another huge format perfect to occupy the headers, however we find again a lot of demand for a limited offer of spaces.
  • 180 x 150: a small rectangle adaptable to small spaces.
  • 250 x 250 and 200 x 200: two square formats designed for places where rectangles do not fit.
  • 125 x 125: a reduced version of the previous formats, called “button”, but there are few places to place it.


We hope that this post has helped you to know a little more about the formats of the Google Display network. Until next time

How to advertise on smartTVs with Google Display ads

How to advertise on smartTVs with Google Display ads

When we think about advertising, the first thing that comes to our mind is television and those long breaks in which we all take advantage of to make a trip to the bathroom or to the refrigerator according to the need of the moment. With the explosion of the Internet and Founder email lists social networks one can think that the big screen of the room has lost publicity, after all many people just use it to watch Netflix and the like. But you’re wrong, and that’s why today we want to tell you how to advertise on smartTvs with Google Display .

Google is currently the largest advertising platform in the world, and it is not only the search engine ads. Its Display network allows you to place all types of ads on millions of pages and compatible applications. A few days ago we reviewed the sizes your ads should have  and we also talked about the types of ads we can use on YouTube . And YouTube is precisely what can make television regain its advertising throne.


Include your Google Display ads on SmartTVs

The SmartTVs while being popularizing and although we associate to lay on the couch and watch 15 chapters followed by Game of Thrones, YouTube is taking an interesting piece of the pie, with 150 million daily hours of video played on these devices .

For some time Google has offered us the very interesting option of segmenting our ads by device: mobile phones , tablets , computers and television screens . It should be noted that this category does not refer only to smart TVs, it also includes any device that can send streaming content to a TV, ie consoles such as PlayStation 4, boxsets such as Apple TV or other devices such as Chromecast .

In order for your ads to show on televisions, you only have to go to the segmentation section when you have created your campaign and look for device options.

Public and budget

Of course, as you always have to consider what audience you address before launching to send your ads to television. You must know your potential customer and know which device is the one you are going to use. If your audience is younger, you may want to bet only on mobile devicesand show it on smartTVs is to throw the money.

However, you might never think that seeing your ad on a television would be so cheap. As always, the more you invest, the more impacts you will achieve, but thanks to Google Display and YouTube ads, advertising on a television screen is no longer something only available to major brands.

We hope that this post has served you to know more about this option! Until next time!