The virtual reality is a technology that is already advanced enough to bring it to market and already many companies already sell. And, as a new technology in growth, companies are also looking for ways to Direct Mail Marketing For Personal Injury exploit them in terms of marketing and sales. Virtual reality will undoubtedly be the next challenge of digital marketing to attract and seduce consumers.

The video has been gaining weight in digital marketing strategies for several years. The impact of a video can be much greater than that of a text, an image or an infographic because of its appeal and the amount of information it can hold. In fact, in recent months the popularity of Periscope has increased to broadcast live videos through Twitter and Facebook has launched Facebook live to also stream through the social network.

And the video will also be the leading format for virtual reality. The users will not simply stay in the viewing of a content, they will go further. Now they can interact with that video and live what is happening there inside.

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The key to current marketing, whether digital or physical, is in the user experience. It is not only about “seducing” it with words or beautiful images, now the user needs to enjoy, be comfortable and feel fulfilled with the purchase actions that a company offers. For this reason, one of the main claims to hire a service or buy a product are the references of other consumers and how their shopping experience has been, dealing with the company and enjoying the product.

And this experience is the axis of virtual reality. Users will not see publicity but will live and feel a story in which they will be protagonists. The impact it will have on users who try it will be something never before known.

How to get cheap shipments for my online store

How to get cheap shipments for my online store

One of the disadvantages that online stores have over physical stores is that the product has to be sent to the customer instead of taking it with a plastic bag. This is important, because it can directly affect your benefit. There are two possibilities: the first is to assume the cost of the shipment, the second is to Canadian CEO Email Lists charge the customer. In any case, it will affect either your profit margin or your ability to seduce.

A few months ago we told you how to choose the best shipping companyand how to determine the best shipping strategy . Today I want to talk about how to get cheaper shipments for your first version of online store.


The usual headache, get good shipping prices.

In reality, everything is summarized in the negotiation capacity you have with the courier companies. The big stores have a large volume of shipments (just think about the amount of work Amazon offers to Correos, Seur and others). They are a guarantee of work, so that they are able to adjust their prices to the maximum to ensure they do not lose these customers. Of course, you may not be Amazon (yet), so if you call to ask for prices for a handful of shipments a month, the answer is likely to be so exorbitant that you consider buying a van and doing it yourself.

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But tranquil @ , there are solutions.

It is very important that you be transparent with the shipping cost from the beginning. If you put a price and do not disclose that to that we must add the courier can make many potential buyers to back out. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why carts are abandoned without completing the purchase. It is better to say from the beginning that they are going to pay € 30 than to attract them with a € 20 pledge to then find the surprise of the € 10 extra. They will feel cheated. That is why it is important to be clear from the beginning our strategy in this field.


Get cheap shipments for our online store with price comparators

But having a large volume of shipments is not the only way to get to the discounts of couriers. Luckily, you’re not going to be the only person in the world with a store that starts, or with a small number of orders. Actually, there are many people in this situation and the price comparators are there to take advantage.

These pages basically what they seek is to try to bring together the largest number of users who, like you, are looking for a cheap shipment and offer it to them. They negotiate with the shipping companies, taking advantage of the volume they manage to gather and offer their users much more competitive prices than their clients could achieve for themselves. They, in return, remain a commission.


How does a price comparator work?

Most comparators work in much the same way: you enter the postal code of the sender and the recipient. Then the volume and the weight of the package. The search engine will return the most competitive prices of various companies and with various conditions such as delivery times or insurance.

If your packages can be of various sizes, we recommend that you enter the biggest possibilities and calculate the prices of your store with these in mind. If the company later discovers that the package is larger or heavier than the package, they may charge you a surcharge, sending your profit margin to the gare.

Obviously the disadvantage of this, is that the prices vary so you can not automate the delivery system. This works for only a few shipments at a time, which is a good solution to start if you do not have the resources to hire a shipping agency.

Attached two comparative screens (Packlink and Genei) with the same variable. I have looked for a price for a shipment from Barcelona to Segovia, with 1kg of weight, 10cm in length, 10cm in width and 10cm in height.

Onlypult, the best way to schedule posts on Instagram

Onlypult, the best way to schedule posts on Instagram

For years now, Facebook has been offering page managers tools to program their publications, while to publish on other networks such as Twitter we have a huge range of tools, most of them free, to do it, from Buffer to Hootsuite .

However, despite the fact that in recent years it has become the most relevant social network in many aspects, we do not have so many ways to schedule posts on Instagram . And that’s why today I want to talk about Onlypult .

Although since the moment Facebook acquired Instagram these things are beginning to be fixed, the API was really limited in this sense and tools such as Buffer all they could do was create the publication and schedule a notification Partners email lists to remind you at the defined time and manually publish it. prepared. With the tempo, other options like Schedule have appeared , but their price can rise a lot depending on the number of followers that your account has.


How to schedule posts on Instagram with Onlyplut

One of the great advantages that Onlyplut has is that it allows you to publish from your computer . In many occasions it is where we have the photos, where we have edited them in Photoshop , and when you have to make a large amount of publications, the larger keyboard and screen are much appreciated.

It is possible to enter manually when you want the post to be published, but you can also create a calendar to speed up the process. If you have a structure of publications that is repeated on a daily or weekly basis, Onlyplut allows you to enter this routine and, quickly assign the publication to the next free hole.

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Onluplut not only allows you to program lifelong photos on Instagram, but also video, galleries and even stories (yes, somewhat limited, since they can only be photos at the moment, you can not include hashtags or geotagging).

Unlike Schedugram, which forces you to pay individually for each account you want to add, Onlyplut allows you to manage several even with the most basic rate , which includes up to three.

Depending on the rate you select, it also allows you to have several collaborators.


Monitoring of competition and analytics

But this application has more advantages that go beyond being able to program publications and “forget”. Onlyplut also allows you to track your competition to quickly analyze what they are doing, and also allows you to do the same with hashtags that may interest you and in which you can inspire and take ideas.

Although perhaps the most interesting added advantage is the analytics it offers you. It allows you to follow in a very simple way the evolution of your numbers, such as the activity in your posts or your number of subscribers, but also the most popular tags and even allows you to use all this data to check what is the best time to publish a post , something that can sometimes be the difference between a great success or a small failure.

It is a tool that many community managers will love, allowing them to save time and better manage their way of working.

I hope this post has helped you to better understand how this application works.

Types of Facebook ads we use to spread social media content

Types of Facebook ads we use to spread social media content

Facebook has achieved something that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago, which is to build an advertising platform capable of overshadowing Google. The team of Mark Zuckerberg have managed to create an extremely versatile ecosystem that can be easily adapted to the size and needs of any business. With only a few euros of investment you can reach an audience of thousands of people, with an Chairman email lists advantage that traditional media can not dream of: a magnificent segmentation system that we have already talked about on other occasions. Today I want to talk about the types of Facebook ads that you can use to publicize your project or online store.

The best-known system of all is the post-promoted one , which allows a one-page publication to reach a much larger audience than usual. Now, it must be said that in this sense Facebook has “played dirty” with the latest changes in its algorithm, greatly reducing the organic reach for fan pages , forcing them to go through the box if they want to have a similar scope to those of yesteryear

. .

However, the possibilities are much greater.


Well (so as not to get involved), Facebook has created two main groups of ads, by format and by objective. Here we explain briefly each one of them.


Types of Facebook ads

With photo

The images are a great classic of this social network, in fact it is very possible that the first thing you did when signing up was to publish a photo. The same thing happens with companies, and it is an ideal way to publicize your products. Remember, also, that these ads can also be shared with Instagram and Instagram Stories.


With video

But if there is something that works on Facebook better than the photos is the video and you would not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. The great advantage of this format is that it allows you to reach an audience outside of the social network, through Instagram and Audience Network , which takes the videos to other websites and applications. It is ideal if you are looking for an audience between 18 and 24 years old. Of course, keep in mind that if you are looking for an audience on your Smartphone, clips of 15 seconds or less are best.


By sequence

It is a small carousel that allows you to display up to 10 different images or videos, each with its own link. In this way you can show different products or get more space for one, or tell a little story in 10 cartoons.


With presentation

This format allows you to combine video text and photography, much like a PowerPoint presentation, that the user can advance with a touch on the screen. It has the advantage that they are easy to create and can be displayed perfectly in places with a slow connection.



If you have different articles, this format is the ideal to create a virtual showcase on Facebook. If you have at least four different products in your catalog, you can use these types of ads designed to direct a potential buyer for sale.

Meritocracy versus parity?

Meritocracy versus parity?

Fujimorism has its worst moments. Neither with its two leaders in prison does the citizenry sympathize, rejects its execution of arrogance and verticality. And he realizes that his pretended fight against corruption is paper and micro, aimed at those who want to believe it despite his ninth-century DNA, a stage in which corruption was a way of life to profit and stay in power. And despite their debacle they want to impose their interests and their style. One example has been the discussion on meritocracy and parity, two concepts that, far from being antagonistic, can be part of a basic buy cfo email list consensus, as is being accepted. For something the virtues of positive discrimination have been consecrated in the world to be taken into account for the composition of the National Board of Justice.

And it is that meritocracy, already adopted criterion, and gender parity – understanding in it allowing equal qualities to be chosen for a woman – can be complemented to unite and balance the quality of training and gender. Because the meritocracy is insufficient and the necessary parity so that the presence of the intelligent and well-trained woman is a reality. This concept can not be unconstitutional with a Magna Carta that puts as axis the human being and his dignity.

The new revolution of feminism does not imply unnecessary confrontations, it is not just a defense of rights and integrity, against family or gender violence. It goes further, can place new political issues away from the cult of the heterosexual white man. Well that the new Congress is in a position to assume greater plurality and democracy to achieve unity around the national agenda made of urgencies, while we banish the pure and hard thinking that – faithful to the Fujimorist tradition – will seek to impose its own interests. They have to read their current reality and act accordingly.

50 Free and Premium Curriculum Vitae Templates to highlight with your CV News and Service

50 Free and Premium Curriculum Vitae Templates to highlight with your CV News and Service

Looking for curriculum vitae templates that captivate your recruiter? Do you need to stand out from your competition once and for all? If you are in this  Pay Per Click News case or another similar one here you can find a solution.

A good content is cool, but with a good design it is more cool. This also applies to your CV.

Having a template for curriculum with a modern, professional and attractive design can make the difference between having access to a job interview or staying in the memory drawer.

Think of the following scenarios (and they are very real):

Recruiter reading hundreds of CV daily.
Millions of people looking for work and sending CV.
Curriculum very similar in terms of experience and training.
Given this situation, what could make a difference, inspire your CV to be read and be on the final list of job candidates?


The design of your CV is the key to increase the impact of your presentation and get the attention of your recruiter from the start.


First impressions are always recorded …

What will you find in this collection of Free and Premium Curriculum Vitae Templates?
A great and excellent variety of curriculum models to get the perfect CV template of the job you aspire to.

This group consists of free and premium CV templates, each model has more or less aggregates such as Letter of References, Presentation, Portfolio, Business Card and icons, available in different types of CV format and multipurpose designs.

Pay attention to each one and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Table of Contents [hide]

➡ 25 High Impact Premium Curriculum Vitae Templates
Curriculum Template for Modern and Professional Design
Curriculum Template for Minimalist and Graphic Design
Creative Design Curriculum Template
Super Template Packs CV Multipurpose
➡ 25 Free Curriculum Vitae Templates
Simple and Clear CV Templates
CV Tabular and Graphic Templates
Here we go!



trophy1➡ 25 High Impact Premium Curriculum Vitae Templates
I start with the types of premium or paid curriculum because they have a much more finished and professional design.

Their prices are very reasonable and include additions such as Letter of Presentation, References, Visiting Cards, Portfolio Template and icons for CV.

With all this you will increase the guarantees of having that push you need to opt for the job interview and capture the attention of your recruiter among the other candidates.


A small investment for the results you can get.



Curriculum Template for Modern and Professional Design


Available in AI, Photoshop & Word.
It includes two types of design with variations of colors.
Includes Cover Letter.
Download Template Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum format available in Photoshop & MS Word.
They include 4 colors. (red, blue, dark gray and green)
It is sent with Cover Letter and Portfolio.
Download Template



Curriculum format available in Indesign, Photoshop & Word.
They include light and dark versions.
With Present Letter. and Portfolio.
Download Template

cv-executive models

CV format available in 6 colors and available in Photoshop & Word.
Elegant design ideal for design professionals, developers, creatives, etc.
Download Template



Curriculum format available in Photoshop & Word.
Includes 3 colors. (blue, dark gray and brown).
Easy to edit and modify, and completely customizable.
Download Template Curriculum Vitae


CV model available in Photoshop & Word.
Add Present Letter. and instructions for use.
Flexible design and very easy to modify and adapt to make a great CV.
Download Template


Available in Photoshop & MS Word.
With Present Letter. and Portfolio.
Flexible design and easy to modify.
Download Template


Curriculum Template for Minimalist and Graphic Design


Curriculum format available in Indesign, Photoshop & Word.
Includes a clear and dark version.
Add Letter of References, Presentation, Portfolio and icons for curriculum.
Download Template


It can be edited with Indesign, Photoshop & MS Word.
It includes two types of design, with and without icons.
It is sent with Letter of References, Presentation and icons for curriculum.
Download Template


Editable with Photoshop & Word.
Includes versions in 5 colors. (two shades of blue, orange, green, red)
Add Present Letter. and Portfolio.
Download Template



Editable CV model with Indesign, AI, Photoshop & Word.