University Business Case Study Choices for Your Team

Every year Universities assign students in their Business School projects. Come up with a business, make a business plan, develop a marketing plan and submit it to the class. This makes sense for students and professors and is an excellent way to learn. Unfortunately these students will use deception to seek information for their project by pretending to be interested parties of goods or services of real companies in order to gain this information, without revealing they are actually students doing a research project. Although this goes on in the real world of competitive intelligence gathering it Professors EDU Email Addresses teaches the students bad and unethical traits, which they will use later in the real business world. With corporate corruption at issue in the United States at least with regards to media and regulators, why are we allowing students to lie or looking the other way when we know they are doing this? So much for ethics; apparently the dishonesty is being taught in the liberal land of academics, the same schools, which pretend to teach ethics, foster unethical-ness. This should not be too surprising to anyone, yet it is indeed in need of being pointed out, thus this article. Often a student will pretend to be a buyer of services or products to gain information while using their email address. Most smart business people know that these are bogus inquiries. When they come into our company we usually reply something like this: “I see you are a student, graduate, administrator or professor at the University is this correct? If so, how long would it be before you choose to enter the industry? Or are you considering do a research project for school? If so what information do you need.” If they are an actual buyer then usually they will correct us and say; “No, I am seriously interested.” Yet they often do this because they do not want to be caught in a lie, fabrication of truth or complete falsehood. So, we indicate, call us when you graduate.

Then someone else on their “Business Class Team” will email us, always from the same area about a day or a day and a half later, this time more honest. We feel this is good as we are teaching them to be truthful while the Universities deal in lies allowing for dishonesty. Recently such an email came through and it was; instead of matching the actual name of the submitted inquiry. This the name of the inquiry is probably incorrect and completely fabricated; a lie or AKA. Rather than get upset for these students wasting our time. We replied to this fake inquiry; “Dear Sir, Your email address does not match your name. Why is this? “A Wakefield” could be a family name, thus there could be misdirection here for some purpose, which would be a tactical error, as you are asking for free information from us. Integrity is the best policy for our correspondence.” Further we asked them questions to make them work for their project, as our company is not interested in getting an “A” in their class as we are in the real world not the BS fantasy world with unethical students and professors who have never had to make a payroll in their lives for the most part; having never been in business. What about the students being used to collect information for a professor wanting to gather data to start his own company, you know this goes on too.

Either way these students are going to have to work for it. So we sent these questions back to the students; “What part of the car wash industry do you see yourself in or what part of the car wash industry are you doing a college project on? Full service car wash, flex serve, robotic, mobile or truck washing? All would be good in your current location or market. Do you see yourself leaving this area after graduation or in the future? Each region in the United States is slightly different and those differences have large effects on how one might strategize to maximize profits?” Indeed this seems to work as we have not heard back a reply nor do we expect one. We believe this to be because not only are the students unethical and wish to take short cuts in their research and cheat, but that they are also completely lacking worth ethic and are basically lazy. I challenge the next up and coming university students to get off your asses and do your own work, learn all there is to learn and practice some of those ethics that your liberal skewed world in college so gallantly proclaims. Because I think it is appalling the lack of personal character these days in our Universities from the highly paid Professors to the students. So think more on this in 2006.

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In a few days the festival of Sant Jordi will take place in Catalonia, one of the most important days of this region. The streets of the towns and cities of Catalonia will be filled with stalls of roses, books and other articles related to Email List For Las Vegas  this day. And it is a great opportunity for companies to launch offers, promotions and exclusive products.

In Catalan culture, April 23 is the day of lovers and roses fly. Although the tradition marks that the boys give a rose to their couple and the women give a book to them, nowadays we all give away books to foment the culture and flee from clichés. Roses do continue to be more given by men since the male gender, usually attracts less than give a rose as a rule.

Email List For Las Vegas

So for this day, you can boost your business if it’s based on culture, especially since it’s also International Book Day. But why not give away a record, a concert, a movie evening or a theater night instead of a book? You can also add a rose to any product you sell as a gift, or a bookmark (bookmark) with a drawing of a rose, or a postcard, or a sticker, or the scent of the rose. Any detail that makes reference to the legend of Sant Jordi and the rose will be a plus to sell more.

The tourism sector is the one that benefits most from this day naturally. The restaurants can create exclusive menus for Sant Jordi for couples or entire families and ensure a full house. Hotels can also take advantage of this night to launch offers to couples who want to spend a romantic night.

And any leisure company, knowing the increase in consumption on that day, can launch an extra stimulus such as discounts or exclusive products related to Sant Jordi. In this way, they will get to call the purchase action to all those who in these days we look at plans for a very special weekend.

With all these ideas, surely your company can give an economic jump this Sant Jordi increasing sales. You just need a little creativity and know how to adapt to your products some detail that stimulates buyers. Good luck and enjoy a great Sant Jordi!

What is the cache and what is it used for?

What is the cache and what is it used for?

If you have a website or a blog it has probably happened to you that you update some content and it does not appear, everything remains as before. Refills several times, compulsively press the publish button, but nothing. And after a while, out of nowhere, Pouf! appears. This is due to the cache memory , this is one of the topics that we usually explain so much to our clients and, for this opportunity, it  Buy General manager email list seemed appropriate to explain what it is and what it is for.

Imagine that you have a bookstore with three books (that to simplify things we will call them we will call A, B and C). Imagine that of every five customers, four ask for the book A. Instead of going to the store every time, probably what you would do is take a good number of books A and leave them on a shelf next to you, leaving the trip to the warehouse only for books B and C that ask you a lot less. It is a much more efficient way of working.

Well, that shelf is basically the cache.


What is a web cache?

Every time you want to consult a web page, your browser sends a request to the server in question. The response of this comes in the form of static elements in the form of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, video images and others. Your browser interprets them, along with the rest of the source code, and transforms it into what you see on your screen.

The browsers reserve a space in their memory to store this data, so that if you go back to make a query about them you do not have to do the same request again and get the same results. He already has them there, like you with book A in the example of the bookstore . If you want to access a page again, the browser analyzes the elements it has in its cache memory and only asks for new ones, reducing consumption and loading speed.

cache memory and what is it used for


Why do you have trouble entering new content?

Who controls the cache of the page is the server, which introduces a certain life time to each static element of the web (which can be from a few minutes to a few weeks). Until this time expires, the browser will not request new data from the server. This causes that, sometimes, of problems at the time of showing new content.

But beware, this does not mean that the cache is something that has problems, especially if it is well configured. On the contrary, it is an element that usually improves the user experience thanks to a higher loading speed and a lower consumption of data, while on the other hand it also relieves the work done by the server. All this implies a better performance of the page, something that Google likes and that may end up having a positive impact on your SEO positioning .

While this occurs on a permanent basis, the problems are something that, however striking it may be, take place punctually.


Plugins to manage the cache in WordPress

There are some hosting services that are responsible for managing the cache of your site, however you can also use one of the many WordPress plugins that allow you to configure it. These are some of the best.

  • WP Rocket
  • Cache Enabler
  • Comet Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Hyper Cache


Except WP Rocket, the rest of plugins are free or have a free version, so you can try them without problems to see which is best suited to your needs, or simply which you like more.

I hope this entry has helped you to better understand what cache memory is, what it is for and why, even though the advantages are clear, sometimes it gives you problems.

The best online stores in November

The best online stores in November

This is a post that we had pending for months, and in fact, is based on one of the internal tasks of the agency that we most enjoy and learn.

As we have told you many times, at diligent we love browsing between web pages and eCommerce in search of the best ideas. There is no better way to learn than to see how other designers innovate and solve the problems Investors email lists that are found in the day to day management of an online store. That’s why today we want to show you the best online stores in November.


Monograno Felicetti →

For many a good pasta dish is paradise, and this website makes it a reality. Upon entering, you find yourself with a photograph of a mountain, but when crossing the clouds you find the product, with some photographs that make the stomach begin to roar at the moment. The entire photograph on the web is aimed at reminding us that we are dealing with a natural product that has grown up in pure air.

Salomon →

Salomon is one of the brands with more tradition for the regulars of the mountain, but their products go much further and their store is a perfect reflection of this. The product is perfectly categorized, but it gives, subtly, a special visibility to the running or urban product that we usually do not associate so often with this brand.


ETQ Amsterdam →

This shoe store is a fantastic example of how to approach the product photography in a different way to the classic neutral background but at the same time giving it a great prominence. Photography contextualizes its footwear as an urban product and from day to day, and at the same time makes it look.


Swear London →

An example of a similar effect but with a different approach. If the store and the ETQ photograph were quite clean and without many distractions, Swear London also contextualizes its product, but with neon lights and people showing the whole body. It works just as wonderfully, showing that if done well, two different approaches can serve to accomplish the same goal. In addition, it allows you to customize every last detail of your shoe.


Future Nature →

This web designer wanted to show muscle with its spectacular web page, with a choice of bold colors but elegantly distributed – the oranges and purples call attention, but in the end the color that dominates is white. And as the best way to sell is to show your work, it also gives a very quick access to all your projects. Without a doubt, outstanding.


Giulio →

We have always emphasized the importance of having the product well hierarchized so that the visitor is able to find it quickly and in just a couple of clicks. If you feel lost, close the tab and you may never return to your store. Giulio allows you in just two mouse clicks to find the type of garment you are looking for, by sex, designer and category.


Baume Watches →

Sustainability is one of the values ​​that is most booming and this brand has wanted to embrace as a central pillar of their watches. The website is full of photos that remind us: the waves of the sea, the blue sky, the leaves of a tree … In addition, part of what you pay for the clock is allocated to NGOs that help in the conservation of the environment environment, making the speech of the brand not only be in words, but transforming each sale into a public relations action.


Bold Cycles →

This German bicycle shop puts your product ahead of everything with a series of photographs that manages to convey an image of high quality and strength, something fundamental in any product and more if you are going to use it to move around the mountain. All the design of the page is designed to convey a feeling of majestic product.

How to make a light box yourself

How to make a light box yourself

Some time ago I wanted to talk about this topic. We really like photography and specifically product photography. We have seen that, although it may scare at first and seem very complicated, with a few simple tricks and a minimal investment you can obtain magnificent results. I have already explained that even President email lists  with a phone you can get good pictures, how to edit them and also some gadgets that can help us enormously and that are not very expensive. Today I want to explain to you how to make a light box for yourself.

If you feel a little McGyver , for just over three euros you can build your own light box. And quiet, which is easier than assembling an Ikea piece of furniture, and it will not take you more than half an hour.

What will we need to build our light box

For our craft we will need the following elements:

  • A cardboard box. The size will vary according to the objects that you will need to photograph.
  • Fabric or white paper. You can serve a white cotton cloth or onion paper.
  • White cardboard.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Basic tools: A pencil or pen, a ruler and a cutter.
  • Lights: The most expensive element of everything we will need. Some flexo lamps can be enough. Low energy bulbs are recommended, especially those that give a similar tone to daylight (in the box will be indicated as Daylight).


Assemble the light box, step by step

Reinforces the bottom of the box

So that the bottom does not open and there is no unwanted light, the first thing we will do is use adhesive tape in the background to reinforce everything possible, both the edges and possible openings. Depending on the design of the box, we will have to put more or less tape in different points.

Create the windows

Depending on the size of the box, use the ruler and pencil to mark the edges, leaving a minimum of 5 centimeters. Normally with two windows – on the sides – it will be enough, but if you want more light you can add a third opening at the top. If at any given time you do not want it, you can always cover it with a black card. 
Cut out the windows with the cutter and also the tabs of the box.

Place the fabric or paper

We must place and stick the fabric or paper in the windows that we have trimmed uniformly and without wrinkles to avoid shadows. You can use glue or the same tape. If we see that the light does not fade enough and that we still see brightness, we can add a second layer


Place the background

The best thing for the background is a matt white card, folded in such a way that no visible corner is created. In this way, it will generate the illusion of a continuous fund. The best way to calculate the size is to measure the size of the box and calculate a similar width but twice as long. If you see something left over, cut it.

And place the lighting

The best way to illuminate is to put at least two lights as close as possible, one on each side of the box, and if you have made a third window you can also place a third lamp in a higher position. You have to put them at a certain distance, so that the light falls on the entire window and then distributed evenly throughout the box. If you use allogeneic lighting, remember that it will reheat the bulbs, so make sure there is a distance between them and the fabric, or you may end up burning it.

And you already have your light box! You will only have to put the object to photograph in it and make sure that the camera is placed at a right angle. Also, remember that you can change the background cardboard to create infinite backgrounds of any color, it does not necessarily have to be white.

I hope this entry serves as a solution if you think that you may need a light box on time but do not think that you are going to use it regularly enough to buy one. With a little crafts, there are solutions for everything.