If you have reviewed your Facebook statistics these last days, you will notice how they have started to download the “I like” of your page. In front Buy Weight Loss Leads of this situation, by instinct, you will start to review your publications and your actions in Facebook to determine what you have done to cause the flight of blow of several users who followed your page.

Well, do not worry because you have not done anything. The reason for this “I like” of your Facebook page is that the social network has decided to eliminate all “likes” of your page of users who have deactivated their profiles, until now if the user did not delete their profile counting as a “like” on your page. According to Facebook this will lead to a slight fall, but this, finally, will depend on the number of fans we have on the page, as more fans are more likely that the fall is greater, another aspect is the time of existence, bone with the Older company profiles are much more likely to make your fan losses higher.
According to Facebook we can find 2 advantages in this change:

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1. Business results: if you delete inactive Facebook accounts it is much easier to see people who are really following our page in an active way.

2. Users: it is easier to find users that may like our page since the target audience is much more segmented

We must bear in mind that these users were no longer having contact with our page, therefore we will not notice any change in the rest of the statistics since they are not users that share, comment or indicate “likes” in our publications. Keep in mind that in the event that the user re-activates the account, the “like” would be added to our statistics.



April 13 is International Kiss Day and Mediaclick we want to celebrate by remembering the most viral kisses of recent years and history. A kiss is one of the most beautiful samples of love and often triumphs in social networks with thousands of likes and shared in a very short time. But what is for you the most Graphic Design Mailing List viral kiss in history? We remind you some of the most famous to refresh your memories.

One of the most symbolic kisses in Spain, not to mention the most. After winning the coveted World Cup and making history in a moment of glory for all Spanish sport, Captain Iker Casillas attended to the cameras. One of those journalists, of the chain that broadcast the entire sporting event, was Sara Carbonero, the Madrid goalie’s partner (now a Porto player). And when the questions were finished, Casillas let himself be carried away by the excitement of the moment he rushed to kiss his girl.

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This kiss between a nurse and an American sailor has been going through countries in the media and social networks for more than 70 years. The kiss took place in the streets of New York during the celebration of the end of the Second World War in an explosion of joy of the American people, who proclaimed themselves the winner of the conflict.
In 1979, still far from throwing down the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, another kiss would go around the world. Leonidas Brezhnev, leader of the USSR, and Erich Honecker, socialist leader of Germany gave each other a fraternal kiss of support in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic. Although the Western bloc ridiculed this gesture, it undoubtedly reinforced the union between the communist allies.
Although at this point we are not talking about specific and famous people, we do have to highlight the photographer. The Argentine Ignacio Lehmann toured the world to capture kisses in emblematic countries for his 100 World Kisses project.



For all those who still do not know what 360 videos are, they are spherical videos that record at the same time a real scene in all directions. It is a very good way to make the viewer interact with your multimedia content, since Fronk Oil Mailing Address it will be able to control any direction of viewing through your computer or mobile device.

You only have to have a camera suitable for this type of recordings (Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, IC Real Tech Allie, etc.), capture the video, mount it and edit it, and you will have the file almost ready to upload it to YouTube.
If your video does not have 360 ​​playback enabled (you can not view it on your computer), you must enable the 360 ​​view. You can do so by including the metadata related to the panoramic view.

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The steps are the following:

Download the 360 ​​Video Metadata application for Mac or Windows
Unzip the file and run the application.
Select the video file you want to upload to YouTube
Remember that to be able to reproduce the panoramic videos correctly you should see them through the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

The end of demagoguery

The end of demagoguery

Wherever you look, the announcement made last Thursday by President Martín Vizcarra is positive, in the sense that the Executive Power will be authorized to increase the salaries of governors, mayors and other local authorities, as it is clear that for the The size of their responsibilities and even the risk of life that today implies occupying those positions, they can not be receiving income as low as the current ones.

It is good to have a vocation for service and be willing to work for your neighbors, which is the argument used by Chef financial officer email list many to apply for a public office, but a job that entails so much responsibility and the management of millions of soles, has to be remunerated not with a soldazo or much less, but with an income that allows you to live quietly. It is pure demagogy to affirm that whoever wants to serve others from public management can do it for free.

Economic improvements must also reach regional and municipal officials. For better or for worse, today local administrations handle millions of soles, which should not be in the hands of professionals who earn extremely low amounts. Those responsible for education, health or managing works such as bridges, schools, hospitals or water and sewage networks, can not have a salary equivalent to that of a beginner in a private company.

In addition, with better revenues could be reduced somewhat corruption cases, such as those seen in recent years in regional governments and municipalities. And I say “in something” because not always a better salary implies honesty in the public administration. The government of Alejandro Toledo doubled the income of judges and prosecutors, perhaps with good intentions, and there we have César Hinostroza, Walter Ríos and the other “little brothers”.

The increase in salaries is good, but at the same time it would be very positive that the Comptroller General of the Republic is very attentive to avoid that the great efforts that are made to improve the income serve to feed the pockets of corrupt, scoundrels and incapable as those we are already tired of seeing. The administrations in local administrations have just begun and the control body can do much right now.

10 Reasons why a Blog can change your life News and Service

10 Reasons why a Blog can change your life News and Service

I have to recognize that sometimes you read a very good article that inspires you and give you some crazy to write, and this has happened to me reading the last post of Ana Mata about what it means to be Blogger.

I still remember the day I told my parents that Social Media Marketing News I wanted to create a blog, both looked at each other and put on that face of awe and skepticism, a deep look that spoke for itself and that seriously denoted their concern for the new adventure / madness that was going to embark, but it was logical that they thought so, our parents educated us to study a university career and find a job in a large company, that was a bit the ideal they were looking for our professional and work future, and my idea convinced us in the least, but even so, as great fathers they are, they supported me without reservation, despite not understanding it, because in the end any father is looking for his son to be happy, and writing had awakened a great inner happiness, as well as It had led me to discover that I was passionate about doing it.

Table of Contents [hide]

A Blog changed my life and I can also change it to you
Start creating your blog today and start to let you know
10 Professional and work opportunities offered by a Blog
10 Reasons why I love being Blogger
A Blog changed my life and I can also change it to you
I feel very proud to be a blogger, and to write with real passion everything I feel and pour it on the screen of my computer, which has accompanied me so many nights in my more than 400 articles written to date.

Throughout this journey has been continuous learning, based on reading other colleagues in the sector, to carry out their own and third-party projects, and this has been tremendously enriching, has allowed me to see some job opportunities that I previously did not know existed, and above all that many people knew me more closely, at a very close distance, just a few centimeters, which is what separates us from the screen of our computer.

When I was looking for a job, before I was always behind the companies, and now the companies are looking for me, and they make me all kinds of proposals, today for example these last days received 5 different proposals, some to hire me as influencer, others to hire me as a consultant and a last one to invite me to give a lecture, a workshop and a mentoring, so I think, what has happened these years so that so many people, brands and companies can notice me? The answer is very simple, the blog has made me known to the whole world, because it has no borders and anyone can read it, wherever it is.

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Start creating your blog today and start to let you know
Surely you are a very good professional, but you have never given to work your personal brand, and instead you have been studying for many years to get a degree, a master, etc., but let me tell you that the world of paper and It’s over and you must start working and improve your personal brand every day.

The personal brand is like a plant that you have to water every day, and give it a lot of love.
Maybe you have your doubts, or think that you already get caught with many years or just that you are afraid of not having much technical knowledge, but you do not have to worry about anything, no blogger is born knowing and you will be learning along a great path that awaits you .

To promote a blog you just have to have talent and passion, aspects that will be essential to achieve prominence. Passion will allow you to print a lot of work and effort, because when you do what you like most it seems that you have an inexhaustible and incombustible energy.


10 Professional and work opportunities offered by a Blog
1.- You will get better job opportunities
In the last year I received several job offers to direct the marketing department. Some of these companies are very large, and they have hundreds of employees, we are the dream of any of our parents but it is not very dream, at least there has not been any company that has seduced me to accept the proposal.

2.- You will monetize your blog
I have to admit that I’m starting now, but I’m very happy because my blog is already generating 600 to 800 euros per month, and all this comes from passive income as adsense and the recommendation of tools.

There are other ways to monetize your blog through the sale of infoproducts or to sell infoproduct of other blogs and earn commissions for sale.

3.- They will pay you very well for writing articles
If you like to write like me, they pay you very well for doing it, well, much better, right?

I do not usually write

23 programs to create animated GIFS and moving images

23 programs to create animated GIFS and moving images

Animated GIFS are in vogue. And is that social networks have returned to give another opportunity to this format that before the 2000 revolutionized web pages.  Owner Email Database  This type of image format gives a different touch to your blog and your networks. Do yo want know how they are made? Do you know where we can find them quickly?

failures analysis What is a GIF?
A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of consecutive images that are presented in sequence. It is a moving image that is limited to 256 colors.

Owner Email Database

They are again fashionable as a visual resource thanks to the power of social networks. They are displayed quickly, usually do not last more than 10 seconds and usually in the same window we are working on.

We do not worry about its poor image quality and its limitation in frames per second since the goal of entertaining the user fulfills it. We have seen in the history of the GIF, that the goal of this has been cFormatos videos Youtubeambiando, to give dynamism to boring websites to create an idle smile on social networks. When including a GIF in our networks we must create it or look for it in specialized pages, but always remember not to abuse this resource.

It is characterized by its simplicity of editing and the little space they occupy. That makes it a very viral and practical format when sharing on networks.


Defining objectives Content Plan Why use animated GIFS?
A GIF presents a series of advantages that will compete with other types of formats.

Its fast reproduction. It weighs so little that it allows the automatic reproduction of the image without having to use other means.
Virality. If you like it a lot it will become viral in seconds. When you weigh so little, you share much easier.
Perfect accompaniment to our publications. If we add a GIF, our contributions in our networks will be much more visual and fun. But do not abuse.
Thematic variety. We have so many GIFs classified by themes, that we are always going to find one that gives an image to what we want to say.
Easy creation There are a large number of programs, online tools and mobile applications that in a simple way allow us to create from 0 a GIF.
19 8Programs to create an animated GIF from your computer
There are different programs to create a gif. You can install them on your computer and start creating moving images. It allows you to use your own images and videos to start creating sequences.

Photoshop lets us work with a timeline, just like video editing programs do. Once the images have been chosen, we will place them in our line. We will use the layers panel to select what will be displayed and what will not. In this way we are creating the sensation of movement.