Since the end of the 90s that the Amazon company was created , a new way of selling was implemented on the internet: affiliate marketing . But, what is affiliate marketing exactly. How does this type of marketing work? Can High School Coaches Email List I apply it to my business? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising and business model that consists of renting web spaces to advertise products or services in exchange for a commission if the user buys from that website.

There are three agents involved in the process: the advertising company , the company that attracts the public (intermediary) and the users . And the objective is that the user buys the advertising company through the intermediary. You can make this purchase in two ways:

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A) Directly through the intermediary company , as in the case of Amazon.

B) Entering the website of the advertising company with the tracking that the user comes from the intermediary, thanks to cookies.

This method exceeds the traditional CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and the CPC (cost per click) to enter the CPA (cost per share), that is, the seller pays a commission to the intermediary for each user who buys through your web

If you have a company that sells products or services with defined prices and that can be sold online, affiliate marketing is for you. If your company is B2B and you like to deal and negotiate face to face with the client, it may not be so striking. So, in the first case, you have to look for good allies, companies that attract a lot of traffic and that this traffic is your target audience.

Once you have this, contact that website and negotiate how to carry out this type of advertising because you will both win. The most complicated thing can be to fix the commission or the place and size of your advertising space.

If you have a blog or media information page (magazine, newspaper, etc.), in which “you do not sell anything” and the only thing you produce is information, you are what advertisers are looking for. Depending on your audience, you can contact companies in the sector that may be interested.

Advertise on the world’s largest video platform: YouTube ad types

Advertise on the world’s largest video platform: YouTube ad types

As soon as you are a YouTube user you will have a slight idea of ​​the types of ads offered, or at least of the two main formats: video and banners. In this first part we are going to talk about the videos.

TrueView Ads

These are ads in which you pay not for the impressions, but for the times that interact with it or end up seeing it. They Buy President email lists can also be viewed on YouTube or on other sites using the Google Display network. There are two subtypes of this type of ad:

  • In-stream : videos that are played before, during or after other videos and can be skipped after three seconds. You are charged if the user sees 30 seconds of the video or the whole of it if it is shorter, or if it interacts with it.
  • Discovery : used to position a thumbnail and text of your video in the section of related videos or search results. It is charged if the user decides to click on the thumbnail.

Bumper ads

These are videos of a maximum duration of six seconds and they are played before, during or after the video that the user wants to see. You are charged every thousand impressions

Out-stream ads

These are designed for mobile phones and tablets, reproducing in pages and applications that use the display network, whether in banners, sidebars or intersitial. They start playing without sound and you will only pay if the content is displayed for more than two seconds, every thousand impressions.


Ad formats next to videos

If the video is yours and you want to activate the monetization to scratch some eurillos, you also have several options, although in recent years, as the amount of content has increased, the benefit obtained from this type of advertising has gone down a lot, so no expect to win a buck in the Rubius style.

Display ads

They are the banners that appear in the computer version next to the video. They usually appear to the left of the player, but depending on the size of the screen they can be displayed below.

5 Online Marketing Events that you should not miss in 2016 News and Service

5 Online Marketing Events that you should not miss in 2016 News and Service

Start training after the holidays with these online marketing events

We come back from summer holidays full of energy and eager to start new projects and set new goals in this last part of 2016, but something that always happens in the month of September is that we consider what course we will take to continue training us in what we like and we love.

So I invite you to these 5 online marketing Web Designs News events so you can continue learning the latest strategies and techniques to gain visibility and presence on the Internet in each and every one of your projects.

As much as possible, I recommend that you attend the greatest number of these online marketing events in person. If you want to start networking quality and seriously, the best way to start this conversation is face to face, and being in front of the person with whom we want to connect.

I encourage you to lose your fear and to dare to make proposals to the speakers of these events, yes, it matures very well the proposal you want to make so that you cause a good impression to this professional.

I have decided to organize these events in chronological order, so that it is easier for you to write down in your calendar those that you like the most.

I do not roll up anymore, I wait for you at any of these online marketing events, I assure you that you will not regret it …

Table of Contents [hide]

Webinar How to Reach Your Goals with a Blog
Eshow Madrid 2016
Online Business Congress and Digital Monetization
Congress DMD Galicia 2016
Inbound Marketing Day BCN 2016
Podcast “The essence of Online Marketing” by Oscar Feito
Podcast “How to combine your work as an employee with a successful online project” by Franck Scipion
Webinar How to Reach Your Goals with a Blog
how to achieve your goals with a blog

To present the course “How to reach your goals with a blog”, 3 consecutive 30-minute webinars will be taught (90 minutes in total), and where you will learn very effective strategies to gain traffic and visibility on the Internet.

The course lasts for 5 months and during all that time, the professors in charge of imparting it, will accompany you personally in each step to ensure that you have assimilated the most important concepts to perfection.

With this course, you will be able to generate a large number of visits and learn to take full advantage of all the information collected in the Google Analytics statistics. Your blog will also experience an increase in the number of subscribers, plus it will become highly attractive and profitable for advertisers.

Who is it for?

Those who already have a blog, but simply do not get the desired results.
People who have thought about creating a blog, but do not dare to take the first step.
For those who have an online business and want to increase their customer base and sales.
SEMrush is one of the sponsoring companies of this course.


How to design strategic content that boost your Blog to the next level. By Miguel Florido
If you think that with generating content and sharing it on social networks your Blog will work, you are very wrong, the strategic factor in the work of a blog is the key that makes you differentiate yourself from other professionals and makes your Blog shine with its own light.

Learn in this webinar how to design strategic articles to achieve the greatest impact, to know the actions and tactics that you have to do with which you obtain the greatest possible amplification, and that your work is visible to millions of people.

A strategic article can get up to 10 times more traffic than a normal article, would you like to learn how to do them?


How to see the volume of traffic in Google Keyword Planner as before. By Rubén Alonso
Surely you already know that Google Keyword Planner no longer shows the data of monthly searches of the keywords as it did before. Now it groups the traffic volume of several terms or related keywords at the same time and it is very difficult to know which is really the keyword with the most searches. So I’m going to show you a way to know the volume of searches for each keyword separately and know which keywords are the most important, as the tool did before. 🙂


How to boost the web traffic of your blog thanks to Pinterest? By José Facchin
You will learn to optimize your profile and each of your publications in this visual social network so that they can contribute as many visitors as possible to your blog.

In addition, I will tell you some tricks and techniques that will help you enhance the visibility of your images or infographics within Pinterest. Yes, it will increase the number of people who will see your content and attract more clicks … And all this will give you more visits, even if you do not have many followers in your profile.